Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Five

1. THIS SUNDAY is BAPTISM Sunday. About 40 people are going to be baptized. Young, old, children, even the terminally ill. This is a very significant event. There is ONE SERVICE ONLY – 10:00 AM. Arrive early for a good seat. I assure you, there will be standing room only in the building. Video cameras will be rolling and flashbulbs popping. Lots of pictures. One member of PCC has notified me that she is expecting 10 guests herself! If that is any indication of what to expect, we are going to be packed to suffocating capacity.

2. Also, it looks like the FORMER sheriff of Escambia County - Ron McNesby - AND the CURRENT sheriff of Escambia County - David Morgan - are both going to be in service with us this Sunday. Can anyone say, "OK Corral?"

3. TOMMORROW, Saturday, at 8:00 AM is a WORKDAY for the campus grounds. If you have an edger, mower, push mower (for the parking lot islands), or hedge trimmer, show up and help us beautify the grounds in preparation for Sunday. We will be spreading pine straw in the flower beds too.

4. This Sunday Beverly J. will be singing “Revelation Song” again. Can anyone say, “Blow your socks off?”

5. FINAL REMINDER – ONE SERVICE this Sunday – 10:00 AM. ALL kids will be in the sanctuary
. Nursery will be provided.

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