Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some Blogs I Am Working On

I haven’t blogged much this week. Got my reasons. I need a little margin right now. But I will be posting pretty soon. Here are some topics I have been working on. Some are complete. Others are in process. Still others will evolve into a series.
  • Act Your Age – Not Your Shoe Size
  • One-Way Forgiveness: Are Christians Obligated to Forgive in Every Instance?
  • Is Alcoholism Really a Disease?
  • Does Talk Therapy Actually Work?
  • Christian Chickenpox
  • Why Teenagers Should Serve
  • Jesus, Church, & Money
  • In Debt? Give Anyway
  • Will the Church Pay My Power Bill?
  • A.W.O.L. – Dropping Out of Church
  • Disloyal Associate Pastors
  • Future Staffing at PCC
  • A Staffing Mistake I Almost Made
  • No "Theys" Allowed
  • Let Squeaky Wheels Squeak
  • Learning to Exercise Self-Discipline


Anonymous said...

140,000 hits wooo hooo

Ron said...

Hey, I didn't even notice! Thanks for pointing it out.