Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Mind Dump - Sept 12, 2010

  • SMOKIN. That’s what somebody said to me after church today - "PCC is SMOKIN!"

  • Here are some comments from Facebook…

  • Susan P. said, “Does everyone cry at Baptisms like I do? I wondered what had more water in it...The baptismal pool or my seat....Awesome service!”

  • Ron B. said, “Awesome day at church today. Pace Community Church pastor Ronnie Christian baptized 43 Christians today, amazing!!!!”

  • Christa C. said, “‎43 people were baptized today at church!!! That is awesome!!! All of us professing our love for Jesus together!! It was beautiful!!!!”

  • Lorrain C. said, “AWESOME service at PCC today!! Special day for Eliana and 42? others who were baptized. Much rejoicing in the Lord for family and friends who attended with them!! AMEN.”

  • Renae C. said, “What an AMAZING Baptism service at PCC ... 43 people baptized in front of a packed house! Now go out and CHANGE THE WORLD for Christ!”

  • Rose D. said “It was an awesome service! There is nothing better than seeing people publicly proclaim who their Savior is!"

  • Michelle L. said, “Awesome servicce...Its not everywhere that baptizes that many at once. Loved seeing all the families baptized together. Jesus is awesome."

  • Alyssa S. said, “WOW! We baptized 43 people at church today! Men, women, children, families.... It was AWESOME!”

  • Courtney D. said, “The Revelation Song gave me chill bumps, that has got to be the prettiest song ever.”

  • Holley G. said, “Great day at church today with 43 people baptized! Enjoy your Sunday!”

  • Sherri W. said, "Absolutely amazing day!!! What a great way to start the week. If your week is not off to a good start, try PCC next week:)"

  • Cathy H. said, "Glad to be a part of a great church!"

  • Alyssa S. said, "So proud to be a part of all the good that happens and will continue to happen at our church! Great job today!"

  • Jewel C. said, “Absolutely amazing day @ PCC today."

  • James R. said, "It will take you the rest of the day to dry out. Good stuff!"

  • Carole B. said, “What a great testimony about our church to all the visitors that came, from the time they drove up to the church, to when they left the church grounds. Everyone had a part in that, great job everyone.”

  • Jewel C. said, “PCC has the most beautiful campus of any church that I know of in SRC & surrounding counties...our dedicated volunteers make it possible by all the hard work they do evey single week. They are truly amazing.”

  • Ron McNesby, the previous sheriff of Escambia County, had one word, "Wow!"

  • I baptized one man who I have known since we were kids (about 9th grade). His name is Bobby. Other childhood friends were in service to witness it. Only God can do this.

  • BTW, After I baptized Bobby he grabbed me in a bear hug and completely lifted me out of the water! Only Bobby can do this.

  • Another man was baptized who is a Captain with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Department. His name is Randy and he is very ill. His extended family was with him in service with him. A large number of his colleagues from the law enforcement community were also in service, including Ron McNesby, the previous sheriff of Escambia County. Even a state represenative from the Florida Bereau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms drove in from the State Capital to be in service. The entire family came forward and gathered around the baptismal pool as Randy was being baptized. It was very, very, moving. Only God can do this.

  • Taylor B. plays flute in the worship band. Every week she does an amazing job and today she further demonstrated her skill by that excellent recovery.

  • Over 200 pictures were taken today. I will post some of them this week.

  • Just got home from a very good leadership meeting. Good things are in the future of PCC.

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Robert said...

Amazing Day! One at a time or "43" at a time; PCC IS Building Believers! Now that's how it's done!!! A truly moving experiance!