Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Mind Dump - Oct 10, 2010

Today was solid. It was a good day. Things are really looking up and getting better at PCC in a lot of ways.

Tom P. says that “PCC is ablaze.”

It’s very exciting to see the new worship teams leading. They are doing an excellent job (trust me, it’s not easy) and I’m certain it is going to get better and better. Before long, everyone will be firing on all eight cylinders and hitting their full stride.

Letting go and releasing others is very exciting.

Christa C. says on Facebook, “Have I told anyone lately that I LOVE MY CHURCH. I learn something every Sunday without fail.”

I played guitar today – the first time in four weeks. I enjoyed it. On the other hand, I have also enjoyed being off the stage while Mike has taken my place. Again, letting go and releasing others is very exciting.

To be clear, I’m not interested in working myself out of a job. But I am interested in strengthening PCC in every way possible, and that includes letting go and releasing others.

I’m going to be letting go of some other things too. More about that in the future.

We’ve got to change.

Jodi B. is doing an excellent job. So is Chris P. So are all the singers.

Today there was a generous outpouring of appreciation expressed toward me and Reane. It caught us off guard. Thank you to everyone who made it happen. After listening to what you had to say, I was reminded of the steady kingdom impact that PCC has had on people’s lives over the years.

The new stage design was real nice. Gene T. designed it and put it up this week. We’ll change the colors during the holidays.

Let me give a SHOUT OUT to the volunteers of PCC. It takes all kinds of people with all kinds of gifts and talents to make our church a operate. We have a lot of people who volunteer/serve in teaching, age-level ministries, and the Sunday services. Yet, we also have a lot of people who serve in other ways – like building maintenance and related matters. A lot of men and women use their vocational experience as a ministry to PCC – electrical, painting, landscaping, cleaning the building, handy man, technical, etc, etc. In fact, in the last 4-5 weeks there has been a flurry of activity in all these areas. That’s why everything is usually in good working order at PCC. It’s easy to drive onto the PCC campus on Sunday morning and “assume” that everything will always be clean and/or in good working order because nothing ever breaks down, or because we have so much money we can just take care of it. That is absolutely not accurate. Stuff breaks down all the time, the building and campus need constant attention, and 98% of this work is carried out by volunteers from within our church family. They do this unseen work because they are dedicated and because they are invested in the success of their church. This speaks volumes to me…. and it does not go unnoticed.

We have had a number of deaths from within our church family in the last few months. It’s been overwhelming to me. But I must say that the BENEVOLENCE TEAM of PCC has REALLY STEPPED IT UP in a major way. Their ministry provides an invaluable service to me and PCC, not to mention the grieving.

To me, the most meaningful thing I said in the message today was that part about PCC becoming an ANCHOR in so many people’s lives. It is the central feature around which all your other activities revolve. You look forward to Sundays. It’s the high point of your week. And for many of you, you enjoy your place of volunteerism or service MORE than you do your vocational work!

That’s a good thing. It means you are ANSWERING GOD’S CALL to LIVE IN COMMUNITY WITH ONE ANOTHER. We are doing life together.

We have fewer small groups this semester than we have had in the past, but some of the things that are happening in these current groups are amazing. The best part of all? They are organic. What I mean is, they are relationally based, relationally initiated, and relationally maintained.

We concluded the Nehemiah series today. It was one of the more challenging series I have done in a while; much like the Malachi series early this year. It covered a lot of good material. It was blunt, hard-hitting and straight to the point. Most challenging of all – it intruded into our home life and our finances. Yes, that’s what God’s Word does sometimes.

Some people think that Jesus’ only purpose is to comfort them as they live their self-willed lives. Yet, Jesus calls us to sacrifice, self-denial, and forsaking all to follow Him. To that end, we will be challenged by His Word.

If you attend Pace Community Church, you WILL LEARN what the BIBLE has TO SAY.

Biblical teaching that actually “expounds the scriptures” imposes the authority of God upon His people and EXPOSES US TO THE CONTENT THAT GOD INTENDS FOR US TO HEAR AND KNOW. It goes deeper than simple topics like successful living and how to get ahead in life that we are so often exposed to today. It presumes that God intends the church to learn from both Testaments, as well as all other categories of Scripture – law, history, wisdom, prophecy, gospels, and the epistles.

Funny thing. ATTENDANCE has been OFF about 50 people the last two weeks. I don’t know if it is due to the cool fall weather (camping, traveling, etc), or the hard-hitting content from Nehemiah. All I do know is there is a coincidence in the timing.

Had my mother over for lunch today after church. Very nice.

Later this evening we had a couple of friends over for dinner – hot wings, made by yours truly.

Life is good. Church, family, and friends. Doesn’t get any better than that.

A lot of things are on the drawing board right now at PCC: leadership structure, Seminars, small groups, staffing, etc. We are going to be knocking them out one at a time until we are finished.

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