Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Mind Dump - October 31

Solid day.

Attendance was good - a little more than 400.

About seven families (who are members) were away on travel – that represents about twenty-five people. They’ll be back next weekend and should bump things back up.

I think we have recently lost a few other people. Mostly casual attenders – the kind that come for a while and then move on. You know type.

I’ve got a feeling that the sermon series through Nehemiah may have given some people the nudge to move on.

That’s okay. A clear vision and strong teaching will actually repel some people while attracting others. Think of successful business or ministries – Apple, Starbucks, Billy Graham, Saddleback Church, etc. Each of these organizations has experienced huge success. But if you were to Google the names of each and add the word, “hate”, you would also find that there are plenty of people who consider these organizations evil. Clarifying our vision helps some people determine that they don’t want to be a part of our cause – which is good thing. Too much deadwood is a hindrance.

The last thing PCC needs is people who don’t like us or the direction we are headed.

Strong word today. Talked about sanctification. We were ready for it.

As pastors & teachers of God’s Word, our job is not to simply get people ‘pray a prayer’ and then leave the rest to them. Our job is to make disciples – not just converts. Without evangelism there would be nobody to disciple – so evangelism is very important. My heart beats for the lost. But in order to make disciples, we have to do more than teach people how to BECOME Christian’s. We must teach people how to BE Christians. To that end we must study, learn from the Old Testament, wrestle through hard theological topics, and answering the tough questions people have. The Bible addresses some weighty topics that cannot be brushed aside.

Today is Halloween. We are open for business at my house from dark until the kids quit coming. If you get out, come by and give me a visit.

CHANGES are still occurring at PCC. The most visible changes have been on the platform. While they appear to be small, they are in fact very significant. Other changes are taking place in the teen department right now and we will be taking a look at all of our age-level ministries very soon. A few people are also being reassigned to areas where they can better excel.

Change is a part of life. Babies change as they grow. Teenagers change as they enter adulthood. Families change over the decades. Nothing is static. Change happens whether we embrace it or resist it. And churches change. If they don’t, it means they’re on their deathbed. Otherwise, you may as well call in Hospice.

We are ministers of the gospel! How does anyone NOT do that work with passion?

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