Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why It's Working

I've been thinking about some of the reasons why this venture called Pace Community Church is working. Of course, it is a God thing and Jesus is actively building His Church. You can’t really explain that aspect; it's supernatural. But on a purely human level, here’s three reasons why I believe PCC is working:

1. We like WHAT we do. Everybody on our staff (paid or volunteer) is called to this work and feels a sense of divine appointment. But we also enjoy the work. We actually like what we do, our job assignments, and the mission we have.

2. We like WHO we work with. Teamwork is one of our core values, and we’re always pushing each other further along. We look for ways we can improve and we make each other better. We evaluate honestly, because we all like each other and don’t get easily offended. Not only do I like our paid staff, I like our ministry leaders and volunteers. Ministry is better when you like the people you work with.

3. We see RESULTS. Who wants to run laps each Sunday with no visible progress? Who wants to attend endless church services, endless classes, endless staff meetings, and endless committee meetings? It turns into one big blurr, and is very draining. It’s so easy to get into a squirrel-cage type of activity where you are running all the time but not getting anywhere or seeing any results. On the other hand, it’s easy to stay motivated when we receive the e-mails of testimony, see life change up close and personal, witness dozens of people being baptized, and watch believers mature. I know there are people that toil away in churches and never see fruit, but I’m thankful we see fruit every week. When things are working and lives are being changed, that’s motivating.

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