Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Five

1. This Sunday’s message is – Taking the Mystery Out of God’s Will. It is the first part in a three part series. It is going to be VERY ENCOURAGING. If you are looking to be uplifted and encouraged, be there. In fact, if you know someone who is discouraged, bring them to church with you. It could be a life-changing day for them. By the way, they same yahoo who preached last week will be preaching again this week – but I hear he’s going to be a lot nicer.

2. TIME CHANGE takes place this Saturday Night – Set your clocks back one hour.

3. SEMINAR 101 OVERHAUL. Right now I am totally rewriting Seminar 101 – Discovering the PCC Family. I have been teaching this seminar for thirteen years and it has proven to be a very effective tool for our church. However, over time some of the material has become outdated. I am very excited about the way the new seminar coming together – the material is better than ever before and will do a much better job of emphasizing what our participants need to hear the most. BTW, Seminar 201 is slated to be rewritten too. When it’s all finished, we will be offering the new seminars on a regular baisis, and they will be taught by a team of teachers. Here's a picture of the new logo that we'll begin using for the seminar systems. Aside from looking good, it's more in alignment with our churchwide branding.

4. A NEW COLLEGE AGE GROUP is being formed (for ages 18-25) in the very near future. Mary & Buddy Sumner will be leading this group from their home. If you are interested in being involved in a group like this, send us an e-mail at or call the church offices at 994-4310 , or turn in a blue card on Sunday morning indicating your interest.

5. I think we are on the verge of having an INFLUX of NEW PEOPLE to our church. I see new people all the time, but last Sunday there were more young adults in service with us than I’ve ever seen before. And the nursery was slammed in the first service as a result!

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