Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some 411 About Me

  • After such a successful day last Sunday (see Sunday Mind Dump) we should have seen it coming. We didn’t. Renae and I were slammed with a one-two punch on Monday that left us reeling and numb. Satan always reacts after we have spiritual victories, and I suppose this time was no different except to say it was worse than ever. We had two crises on our hands, both at the same time, that were so intense they shook us to the very foundation. We were worried sick and my gut was in knots. Then as suddenly it began, it was over. Incredible. We are very, very thankful people today.

  • I don’t believe the junk that comes into our lives sometimes. We don’t invite it. We don’t deserve it. It just comes. So we cope and deal with it.

  • Volunteers have come up today to help clean the building, etc, just like it was a Friday. I always enjoy seeing this group. We had breakfast together.

  • We are going to have a short work day at the offices. After I knock off I’m going to make a last minute run to the store for some final ingredients I need for cooking.

  • Jonathan & Jamie (my son and daughter in-law) are hosting thanksgiving dinner in their new home this year. This is their first time hosting a family event like this, but we are all looking forward to it. About ten of us will be there including my mother and sister and her family. We haven’t felt this good about a thanksgiving gathering in a long time. My father died about 6 ½ years ago and since his passing thanksgiving hasn’t felt the same. But now with Jonathan (his grandson) being married and in a new home hosting the event, it feels like the family circle or cycle is continuing as it should.

  • My son Nathan has tickets to the FSU, Florida game this Saturday in Tallahassee. Sweet.

  • Nathan is also about one semester from finishing school and getting his bachelors degree. We are very proud of him.

  • Renae is going to spend part of the afternoon with a neighbor across the street baking together.

  • Loving this time of year.

  • Now that my head is above water I should be able to resume my regular blogging pace.

  • Happy thanksgiving!

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