Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Winds of the Spirit and Inflated Sails

The church is like a sailboat – we raise our sails to catch a wind. The wind is the Holy Spirit.

The task of church leaders is to figure out where the Holy Spirit is leading and then get yourself pointed in that direciton. You raise the sails, catch a wind, and ride it as far as you can. When the sails are fully inflated, momentum is good in the church, growth is occurring, and God’s blessings come upon certain programs and ministries. It looks like it’s going to last forever.

It doesn’t.

Eventually the wind stops blowing and the sails lose air. You’re dead in the water. The task of church leaders at times like this then becomes discerning which direction the Holy Spirit is now blowing and then turn the bow of the ship in that direction. To do this, you have to lighten the load, cut ineffective programs, and get rid of excess baggage. You raise the sails again, and if you are pointed in the right direction you’ll catch a wind. They will snap full with a loud pop. Then you ride it as far as the Spirit takes you.

How does this look (in practical terms) in church work? Simple. You do an annual evaluation of everything going on in the church. If it’s ineffective, you can it. If it’s fruitful, you renew it.

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