Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Candle Light Communion Service

Tomorrow night, Friday, December 24th, we’ll be having our first ever Christmas Eve service at PCC! One of my favorite things about belonging to this church is our willingness to try new things.

There are a lot of great churches in the area who will be putting on large exceptional Christmas Eve services for the community. Ours will be different.

Instead of putting on a large scale service with a lot of bells and whistles, we’re going to be having a short unplugged service. It will last about 30-40 minutes. We’ll sing a few Christmas songs or hymns. There will scripture reading by me, Gene Tharp, and Brain Yates. We’ll then serve and receive communion with a minimum of talking. The lights in the building will be dimmed and about 200 hundred votive candles will decorate the stage. After communion and there will be a candle lighting in the congregation (every person will receive an unlit candle as they enter the doors) and we’ll read scripture that communicates that Jesus, and His Church, are the light of the world.

Walla! That’s it.

It should be very intimate and meaningful. I can’t wait to worship with those who call PCC their family. I hope you’ll join us.

Service starts at 5:00 PM.


Anonymous said...

I's excited about the Communion service. It puts the focus back on why we celebrate Christmas.

Carole B.

Anonymous said...

We so wish we could be with all of you at this special Christmas Eve Service, but, Scott works retail and won't be off until after the service starts.

HAVE A VERY BLESSED CHRISTMAS! We love our church family very, very much!

Donna and Scott Kramer