Thursday, December 16, 2010

Never Do Ministry Alone

One of the lessons we are forcing ourselves to learn is: Never do ministry alone. Always involve someone else. Better yet, do ministry in teams.

This is not an easy thing to do. There are a lot of reasons I can think of to work by myself:
  • It’s easier
  • It’s faster
  • It takes more effort to include others
  • If there is someone with me, I am obligated to talk to that person. But if I’m by myself, I can just get the job done
  • I feel more needed if I’m the only one who knows how to do the job. And who doesn’t like to feel needed? It’s kind of nice when I stand out because no one else has been trained to do the job.

While all the above may be true, it’s unhealthy. Our job is not only to get things done, it’s also to teach, mentor, and train others. When you always have someone with you in ministry, you accomplish much more. You give someone else an opportunity to serve. You build a relationship with an individual, and you make room for real ministry to happen “life-on-life.” You make sure the ministry doesn’t rely solely on you. You model true mentoring. You communicate that you are secure in your leadership and don’t need a role or title to define you.

So let me challenge you with these questions:

  • Do you answer the phones? Don’t do it alone.
  • Do you run the copy machine? Don’t do it alone.
  • Do you empty the trash cans or clean the bathrooms? Take someone with you.
  • Do you operate a camera or video equipment? Show others how to do it.
  • Are you a teacher? Start working with someone as a team-teacher.
  • Do you hand out bulletins? Invite someone to join you.
  • Do you lead a team? Find an apprentice who can take your place.
  • Do you visit hospitals? Take someone with you.

Never do ministry alone.

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