Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Hello Friends of PCC,

I trust you have experienced a good holiday season so far, and had a good New Years Eve last night.

Renae and I, along with Nathan, spent most of yesterday around home cleaning house, taking down Christmas decorations, cleaning the yard, and doing a lot of cooking together. If felt good getting things put away; almost symbolic of concluding one year and getting a fresh start on the new year. These kinds of days spent together reinforce our family identity, solidify our connection, and keep our values strong.

In the evening we had three social events to attend – New Years Eve parties. We had received all these invitations earlier in the week, so we dropped in at each one staying about an hour at each home. All three of these parites were hosted in the home of members of our church family. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and were reminded how fortunate we are to have such full lives with so many good friends.

I’ll be breaking out my journal sometime today to write about the many ways I feel fortunate and blessed. Near the top of the list is the privilege of being able to continue serving PCC in the role that I am in. Who will ever forget our record-breaking attendance this year on Easter Sunday? Who will forget the hundreds of lives that have been changed by the power of God that we are witnesses to? Then there were the family testimonies we heard in the month of December and the cardboard testimonies. And what about the incredible Christmas Eve service we had, or the Year in Pictures last Sunday? Yes, 2010 will be remembered as a good year at PCC. What a fun journey we are on!

This Sunday is “Vision Sunday” and my message will be a heart-to-heart talk, more like a family chat than a typical sermon. We’ll talk about the state of our church, our finances, leadership, possible new initiatives, incorporating creative elements into the services, and certain action steps we must take in 2011 to maintain church health. I hope you will join us. I know you love PCC just as I do. I will be asking you to pray, to do your best in 2011, and to believe God for a miracle.

Anyway, thanks for being a great congregation. I think we are on a God-ordained journey that will just get more exciting and fulfilling as the months and years unfold!

Happy New Year PCCers. See you tomorrow.


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