Friday, January 21, 2011

This Sunday

Current Series at PCC: What Jesus Said About Eternal Life & Salvation

Part 1 – The Straight Narrow Way
Part 2 – Jesus Calls for a New Birth
Part 3 – Jesus Demands True Worship

This Sunday’s message is (part 3) “Jesus Demands True Worship.” We will be looking at His encounter with the woman at the well and His offer of eternal life to her. This woman had a very complicated life and represents a picture of parched humanity, something most of us can relate to. Yet, the details of her life were something that Jesus did not overlook and He challenged her on the issues.

This message will be very encouraging, especially for those who need “living water.” If you know anyone who is sick of their life and needs God’s help, PLEASE GET THEM TO CHURCH this Sunday. I promise you they will hear a message of hope that could be life changing for them.

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