Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Way it is at PCC

1. As the senior pastor I am not everyone’s primary care giver, nor can I be. Most congregational care must be provided by the members in the body as they minister to each other. This is the mutual ministry of the body to itself. I will only respond to the most urgent situations.

2. We are destined to be a large church. People who attend PCC must accept this fact.

3. The tension between caring for Christians and reaching non-Christians will always be balanced. We will not neglect one for the other.

4. We accept the fact that our church is not for everyone, that some people will never feel connected to us or to me and will eventually leave.

5. We must be intentional about becoming a multi-celled church of ministry teams and friendship networks.

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Louie said...


You are 100% correct on this. Thank you for being honest and not trying to be someone you can't or trying to do more than you can. God 1st, family second, and whatever you can do third. At least that's the way I see. Even the Marine Corps motto "Semper Fidelis" puts God 1st. It means always faithful, faithful to God, Corps, and Country. God is 1st, family is second, and the country is 3rd.