Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ambition - Fire in the Belly

Ambition, that old-fashioned fire in the belly, is what employers are looking for… and it’s what churches look for too. Employers realize ambitious people are the ones who cause their organizations to grow or even save it during downtimes. Ambitious people see beyond their job description and do whatever needs to be done at the time. They stay with a project, no matter how bad things seem. That’s usually because they have confidence to believe in themselves. The less ambitious become discouraged early on.

Yet, not all the ambitious do well professionally or vocationally. Some even get turned down for jobs and promotions, over and over again. So what goes so wrong? The missing ingredient is a lack of Emotional Intelligence. This is the ability to focus outside of yourself, to be self-aware of how you are perceived by others, and to understand what others need and want. This means having the ability to pursue goals effectively, without alienating the majority of your co-workers or team mates. Basic social skills like speed reading people, listening, negotiating, acknowledging input from others, and recognizing your own mistakes is a sure sign of Emotional Intelligence.

Is it a Sin for a Christian to be Ambitious?

Think about it long enough and you will conclude that Jesus Christ, the apostle Paul, and many other champions in the Bible had plenty of fire in their belly. They were passionate to see godly purposes fulfilled. Sure, there is a self-serving kind of ambition that we understand to be carnal, earthly, and devilish, because it creates rivalry, jealously, and other manifestations of the flesh. On the other hand, channeling passion and ambition towards God’s work and other worthwhile pursuits is a good thing. Simply keep your ambition in moderation and perspective, and you’ll accomplish much for God’s kingdom.

God is looking for such people and will use them.


Ray Collins said...

Through one email to the care team, I interviewed over 15 people from a PCC referral. I hired one today for a warehouse position. This is a great company and we believe good people is what keeps a good company from being a great company. This article reminded me of him. Thanks PCC for the great people you sent.

Ron said...

Ray, thanks for the encouraging comments. Glad you found a new hire, and glad that person was from PCC too!