Thursday, February 17, 2011

It Takes Unselfish People to Reach Lost People

The most overlooked principle for church growth is to simply love people the way Jesus did. That’s it! The reason Jesus attracted such large crowds is because He loved people.

The motive behind everything we do is that we love and care about lost people. This is how the Father is glorified; by bearing much fruit which proves we are His disciples (John 15:8).

On the other hand, I’ve heard churches justify their lack of growth (reaching lost people, baptizing new believers, and making disciples) by saying, “We’re small because we haven’t watered down the gospel like big churches have.” But maybe the real reason they don’t have a larger crowd is because they don’t want a crowd! They love their own comfort more than they love lost people.

It takes unselfish people to grow a church. Lost people have problems and their lives are messy. It’s no accident that Jesus compared evangelism to fishing. Fishing is often messy and smelly. So many churches want the fish they catch to be pre-scaled, gutted, cleaned and cooked. That’s why they never reach anyone.

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