Tuesday, February 22, 2011


There will always be people in your life that will never be happy for your success. They will not rejoice with you when you are productive and prosperous. As you journey upwards they will find you offensive. They are offended at what God has done for you. They are jealous of your success. They envy the fruitfulness of your life. They are “Cain’s children.”

Even though Cain had the same opportunity has his brother Able, he became jealous of God’s favor on Able – as if it was Abel’s fault instead of his own! Abel made appropriate sacrifices and was accepted by God, while Cain through self-effort thought he should ascend to the top. His offering was rejected.

Such people will not be glad for you because they feel like your success came their expense. Like Cain, they foolishly believe you have their blessing. No diplomacy will calm their jealous heart.

They want what you’ve got, but do not want to pay what you’ve paid!

Sometimes relationships will be lost as you travel upward. As long as you are in the day of small beginnings, you are accepted. As you accelerate into new dimensions, cynicism eats away at their heart and it finds its way into their conversations.

Some people will never be happy for your success. Be blessed anyway. Promotion comes from the Lord (Psalms 75:6-7 KJV).

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