Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some 411 About Me

1. I cannot be like your last pastor
. Please don’t expect me to be somebody I am not, you’ll only be disappointed. The personality traits you admire in another pastor may, or may not, be present in me. I’m wired a certain way, and that’s who I am. This much I can guarantee - I own more pair of Levi’s jeans than your former pastor does.

2. Pace Community Church is not your last church. Please don’t attempt to reinvent us into your idea of the perfect church. While we learn from a lot from other churches and often pick up ideas from them, God has not called PCC to be a cookie-cutter version of another church or your last church. We have our own way of doing things.

3. I have my own personality. I am naturally friendly, good humored, and like to be around people most of the time – but not all the time. Sometimes I feel like an extrovert, other times I feel introverted. I like quiet times. Sometimes I don’t even have myself figured out. When I want to be alone, it’s not so much that I’m trying to get away from people; I’m simply trying to get in touch with myself again.

4. I may not be the person you need to talk to about a church-related issue. Most of the questions that come into PCC can be answered by someone other than me. In fact, you’ll probably get better and more accurate information from other staff or ministry leaders. This may come as surprise to you, but I don’t know everything that is going on at PCC. There are other people who know more about what’s going on in certain areas than I do. This is called delegation and trusting others to lead.

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