Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just Say No

Is the word “No” difficult for you? The ability to say “no” to YOURSELF is a sign of spiritual maturity, self discipline, and emotional health. If you struggle with saying no, you will hinder the work of transformation that God desires to bring about in you. Saying no to yourself means standing up to the world when in conflict with His Word. “No, I will not watch that movie. No I will not view pornography. No, I will not date a non-Christian. No, I cannot afford that. No, I will not spend this money if it means I can’t tithe. No, I cannot go on Facebook because I have not completed my work. No, I cannot drink it or smoke it because it is bad for my health. No, I cannot be friends with that person because they are dragging me down.”

Sometimes we have to say no to GOOD THINGS in order to say yes to what’s BEST. “No, I cannot accept that promotion at work because it will take too much away from my family. No, I cannot work overtime because it will take me out of church. No, I cannot fix you because every need does not have my name on it. No, our church cannot implement this idea because it does not line up with our mission.”

I have a large capacity for people, but I also have my limits. I need time to read, pray, be alone, reflect, and keep myself healthy. I am always doing a self-evaluation about how I am spending my time and money, what my health and eating habits are, and what spiritual disciplines I need to adopt. I then consider where I need to make adjustments in my life. Most of the time this requires that I say “no” to some things. Usually I have to say no to myself as much as I have to say no to others. This is the very thing that keeps me sane and healthy. It also keeps me from being yanked around by the tyranny of the urgent.


What about you? Have you made any difficult decisions lately that required you to say no? Are you struggling with a decision right now? What have you learned about saying no to the demands in your life?


Carole said...

Sometimes our saying no, gives another person a opportunity to say yes. This gives that person a opportunity to grow in their Christian walk.

Ron said...

That's exactly right.