Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our Policy for Benevolence and Financial Assistance

(1) Requests for financial assistance are forwarded to and handled by Gene Tharp, our church Administrator.

(2) Those requesting financial assistance must schedule an appointment to be interviewed.

(3) Decisions will not be made on Sunday.

(4) Our ability to provide financial assistance depends upon available funds. If we do not have the resources then we simply cannot provide them.

(5) IRS Regulations state that as a non-profit organization we can only offer help to individuals or families for food, clothing, medical help, and shelter (which includes essential utilities). Any needs that do not fall into these four categories, we are unable to meet.

(6) We consider each case individually and reserve the right to refuse or agree for any reason.

(7) If someone needs help with a utility bill, and we agree to pay it, we will do so only one time. Even then, the bill will have to be brought in to the church offices where the church administrator will then make the check out directly to the utility company.

(8) In no instances do we give cash or make checks payable to individuals.

(9) Financial assistance will not be provided to transients or panhandlers.

(10) Special consideration. We reserve the right to forgo the rules governing financial assistance in situations deemed to be a tragic event. A tragic event would be determined the by senior staff of PCC.

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