Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - March 20, 2011

Good strong day.

Attendance was up from last Sunday.

Still missed a couple of families, though.

The current worship team is doing a good job; their voices are blending very well together. After a few months of working as a team, they are now coming into their own.

Someone left me a Pop Tart in my mailbox by my office door after the sermon today :)

A couple of people have offered to sponsor a teenager for teen camp this summer.

Good things are happening at PCC right now; organizationally, structurally, and spiritually. Our ministries are getting much more effective, broken systems are being fixed, and God continues to do marvelous things in people’s lives. Right now is really a good time to press in closer.

In contrast, I really hate to see it when people grow spiritually cold and drift away.

It’s never a good time to grow cold, but right now more than ever. i.e., The world is in complete chaos, global events are occurring with increased frequency and intensity, plus our church is fixing to bust out like never before.

Renae and I spent some time on Blackwater River yesterday. Really enjoyed ourselves.

Had a big family dinner at my sisters’ house after church today. We gathered for my mother’s birthday.

Human suffering never stops, and in a church of our size there is always something like this going on. Always. If you are looking for God’s will and an opportunity to make a difference, just get involved in other people’s lives.

Have a funeral home visit this evening.

Going to Mobile in the morning, then coming back to Milton for a funeral.

Gotta go

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