Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What is Out of Control in Your Life?

Show me the area of your life that is out of control and you will have shown me the area of your life that God does not control. It’s just that simple.

When I first surrendered my life to God in 1980 I continued to struggle in a few areas; one of them being anger. In time I was able to overcome these stumbling blocks of mine. I did so only by full surrender to God and letting Him take control of my “hold out” spots. It was then that my sanctification increased and I began living a victorious Christian life.

Are your finances out of control? Your thought life? Relationships? Home life? Drinking? Compulsive behaviors and or addictions? Emotions? Jealously? What about sex, lust, and things like that? The only reason they are out of control is because you have not allowed God to take control of them.

Surrender your your hold out spots to Him. The Bible calls them strongholds. They are fortified places that you don't allow God to gain entrance into, so the devil is able to use them to keep you defeated.

Your deliverance and victory is found in total surrender to God.

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