Friday, March 4, 2011

Why we are Changing the Service Times

We have been talking about changing our service times since last summer, and finally the time has come to pull the trigger and make it happen. We have a number of reasons for doing this, many of them critical, that we feel is compelling us to make this change.

The new service times will be 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. This means both services are being moved up thirty minutes earlier. Thirty minutes does not represent a big change, although it does affect everyone. We do believe however, that the new times will bring about a very positive impact for us in a number of ways.

Here are few reasons why we are changing our service times:

1. Logistics. There are a number or organizational factors that occur behind the scenes that give us a pure headache. Our current service times make it almost impossible to remedy them. The new service times might.

2. To Create Two identical services and a Better Balance in Attendance Numbers. Clearly we have an “A” service and a “B” service on Sunday mornings. Our first service is better attended, has more energy, and is the one that newcomers visit most. The second service has less attendance, energy, etc. We have been unintentionally communicating the signal that the first service is “where the action is.” This hurts us in every way possible; i.e., the age-level ministries, the adult service, etc.

The second service simply lacks the critical mass that is needs to grow, while the first service cannot grow any more. If PCC is ever to grow to 600 or 700 (or more), then both services must be full – running about 300-350 each.

By moving both services up thirty minutes earlier, we hope that just enough people will transition to the second service, providing us with a better balance in the attendance numbers (in both the adult service and the children’s ministry environments). This would also give us enough critical mass in the second service to grow.

3. We are too large to ever go back to one service. So this is not even an option.

4. Everyone is released BEFORE NOON! One of the challenges we’ve had in getting people to attend or volunteer for the second service is that they get out so late on Sunday afternoons, especailly the workers. This has hurt us tremendously and has hindered our effectiveness in the second service. But with the new times everyone will be released well before noon no matter which service they attend.

5. It will make our philosophy of “Attend One - Serve One” much easier to implement. Key people & workers will be more inclined to commit to both services knowing they will be released well before noon. Plus, if we are a able to get more people to “attend one and serve one” then we will experience EXPONENTIAL GROWTH!

In conclusion

I hope that you’ll cooperate with us in this effort. We have only the best interest of our church and its effectiveness in mind. We already have full buy-in from our staff, ministry leaders, and other key players and are confident that this is the right move to make. If the new times don’t work like we hope, I’ll be the first to recognize it and acknowledge its failure. We’ll then go back to the drawing board and reevaluate.

Having said that, you should know that we are very excited about the future of PCC. We are highly motivated and good to go!


Just Me said...

Hey Ronnie, when will the new times go into effect?

Ron said...

Thank you for pointing that out to me. What an oversight on my part. Good grief.

The new times will take effect on APRIL 3rd, which is the first Sunday of April.

BTW, the effective date is being published in this Sunday's bulletin, and I will be specifically addressing this in the announcments.