Friday, April 29, 2011

PCC Has a New Website

PCC has a new website.  The domain name is still the same, but there is a new look and new content that is more reflective of our ministry as it is now.  It also has new features such as free sermon listening & downloading (on the MEDIA tab), lots of pictures on most pages, a church calendar, and a page for members to write testimonies and tell their stories of life-change; these stories would be published after review.

Gene Tharp did all the technical work and most of the creative work on the new site, and did an exceptional job.  It presents a much better public image for our church.  I know you will be pleased too.

Go to the site and navigate your way around until you get familiar with everything.

Here’s the link:

PS – We have posted a lot of pictures of people from the PCC family on the website.  If there is a picture of yourself that you would prefer to not be published, let us know.


Louie said...

Love the new website. Ron also enjoyed talking with you and Brian ther other night at Relay 4 Life.

Ron said...

I enjoyed the visit too, Louie.