Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - April 10, 2011

Let me start by saying the band was very good today!  The singers and musicians knocked it out of the ball park.  As I was sitting in the audience watching and listening to them, I thought to myself “these people are really good.”

The children’s ensemble also did an outstanding job for the offertory.  Loved hearing the kids sing.

PCC has got some awesome music.  Not bragging.  Just saying.

The message series on Joseph is still resonating very well with a lot of people.  I’m getting a lot of positive feedback each week, today included.  Since the story of Joseph involves family dynamics, I think everyone finds something they identify with.

I’ll take a break from this series on Easter Sunday.

Attendance in the second service has been up for the last two Sunday’s.

I’m really liking the new service times.

After church today Renae and I made three visits to the sick & dying.  There is always a lot of suffering.  Always.

Always remember:  There’s someone in the hospital begging to have the chance you have right now. Don’t miss your moment or waste your life.

This is a picture of one of my favorite bonsai plants.  It's a Boganvilla vine shaped into a minature tree, and is now showing.  It takes a lot of TLC to make this happen each year.  After flowering, I will trim it a bit to further expose the trunk.  Click the picture for an enlarged view.

My wife fielded a phone call for me at the office this week.  The man she was talking to had some pretty choice things to say about me and pastors in general.  Big mistake.  She handled it.

I always think it’s kind of funny when someone thinks their opinion about me really matters… or that I even care.  Besides, this guy doesn’t even attend our church.

I’m very glad that God has planted and firmly established PCC in this community.  We have been here thirteen years now and together we have accomplished a lot of good things.  Hundreds of people have made this possible.  The impact of this church reaches far and wide beyond the walls of our building.

I’ve been in the ministry and church work for most of my life.  I’ve been around some of the greatest churches in America.  One thing I have learned is that growing churches has nothing to do with musical style, what type of clothes you wear, or how much cool factor you’ve got.  Churches that are growing and effective at making disciples are those that are made up of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  PCC is full of such people.

The message today was about having a remorseful conscience.  We learned a lot.

I’m playing guitar in the band next Sunday.  I will not be playing Easter Sunday.

My son and daughter in-law (Jonathan & Jamie) are expecting a baby.  She’s pregnant and due about November.  This means Renae and I will be grandparents.  Dang!  I don’t feel that old.

I’m sure the baby will get the good looks of Jonathan, Jamie, and Reane… and hopefully get my awesomeness!   :)

I’m pretty jacked up about Easter.

I can always tell when we about to experience a breakthrough and God is about to do something big.

The weather is great.  This is why we live in NW Florida.

Renae and I had lunch today at the Hilton Garden Inn on Airport Pensacola.  It’s across the street from Barnes & Noble.  It was a pure pleasure.  The food was excellent, good presentation, good price ($20 each), all prepared by a first class chef.  Plus there was live music – Jazz!

We’re going back next Sunday too.

Going to have very busy week.  Hope to get some fishing done.

Okay, my mind is dumped.  Peace, out.

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