Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sudnay Mind Dump - May 22, 2011

  • Another great day at PCC
  • Total attendance was very good
  • Second service set a new attendance record today for a regular Sunday
  • Today was “Youth Servant Sunday.” We let the teenagers have a very active and visible role in the service. They served as patio greeters, door greeters, as ushers, in the band, as signers during the singing, and in hospitality. They served in virtually every area today except preaching. Wow!
  • A special shout out to Denise and Brian Yates who are doing a remarkable job with the teens of PCC
  • I’m blown away by all God is doing
  • We finished the Joseph series today. As usual, I got a lot of positive feedback
  •  There is one thing I have learned through this series: Everybody has a painful family story to tell. The things people have told me about their family experiences, identifying with Joseph, are hair tingling. Most incredible is how open and receptive people have been to God’s leading to attempt reconciliation. One man told me today, “My bother did something to me years ago and I swore to myself that I would never forgive him. But God spoke to me today about my bitterness, so I am going to go home and give my brother a call.”
  • What a marvelous God we serve.
  • What a great church we belong to
  • To God be the glory
  • Soli Deo gloria (Glory to God alone)
  •  I would write more, but Renae are I are headed to the woods for some down time

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