Friday, May 13, 2011

Care vrs. Limited Resources

From time to time we will receive requests for our church to donate to certain causes, to support other non-profit organizations and their efforts, to pay for someone’s power bill, to support a foreign missionary, to fund a new ministry, or to take up a special offering for a community drive.  The only problem with so many requests is that PCC has a limited amount of resources (both financial and manpower) to offer.  Therefore our own mission receives first priority.  In other words, we fund our own initiatives first and the ministries that we have deemed essential to our mission.

You just don’t care” some might object. 


It’s not that we don’t care.  It’s just that there is a limit to how many times we can say yes.  We take our financial commitments very seriously.  Your request is not greater than anyone else’s and we make no “spur of the moment” decisions, no matter how compelling they are.  Nor do we allow an emotional response to drive our funding decisions.  Every need is legitimate, but there are not enough resources for every need.

That’s why we will always ensure that PCC is able to support itself before we support another non-profit organization.  We will pay our own utility bill before we pay someone else’s.  We will not siphon money away from our essential ministries to fund another project.  And we will spend money on local missions before foreign ones. 

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