Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - May 8th - Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.

As an adult I now realize all the torment I put my parents through.  I think my mother is one of the greatest people in the world.

My wife is also an amazing person.  She has raised and shaped two fine sons.

Today was a solid day at PCC.  Attendance was back up after the after-Easter slump.  The first service was packed and the second service was better than normal.

The band did an excellent job.  This particular worship team is coming into their own and sounding pretty good nowadays.

The musicians are also nailing it.  A special shout out to Mike Collins and Gary Moe, two of our guitarists, who are nailing it!

Jodi Burgess and the kids did an exceptional job on the offertory today.  The music was good (almost boogie-woogie) as the kids recited all the books of the Old Testament in song.

I think learning should be fun.  Don’t you?

And Mike Collins had some good guitar riffs going on, in the second service, during the children’s offertory.

No, I did not do a Mother’s Day sermon today.  I continued in the Joseph series for a couple of reasons.  Most of all, I didn’t want to short-change our regular attenders and dedicated members who have been with us all this time for the sake of casual attenders who show up only on special days.

No, the Joseph series did NOT end today.  There will be one or two more messages in this series before it ends, and for good reason.  Trust me, it’s worth it.  If it’s in God’s Word, it’s there for a reason.

I might even share a personal family story next week, with my Mother’s permission, that’s closely related to Joseph’s story.

After this series ends, we will receive Communion.

It’s time to plan a Baptism service.

My next message series might be on the Parables of Jesus.  It’s time for us to get back to the New Testament.

I’m also thinking about a series on Ester and Job (from the OT) this year.

Another topic I’m having a strong impression about is “after life” issues.  i.e., What happens to a person when they die?  What does the Bible say about heaven?  What does the Bible say about hell?  What does the Bible say about Judgment Day?

Would you be interested in a series on a topic like this?  Let me know.

Today for the offering I talked about financial bondage.  Yes, that is a deeply spiritual issue for the Christian.  God’s will is that we have dominion over all things and that nothing have dominion over us.

If you will voluntarily make yourself the slave of God, nothing else will have the power to enslave you.

After the first service today I was very pleased to see how many people continued to linger in the atrium after the second service began.  Get the picture:  these people have already attended the first service, the song service is going strong in the second service, and here these people are hanging out in the atrium visiting and fellowshipping with one another.  It was like they preferred to be here than anywhere else!  As a pastor, you just gotta love it.

Who has God laid on your heart with a spirit of burden?  Pray for them, regardless of what others think.  In fact, risk your reputation to get close to them.  Who knows, people might call you the same thing they called Jesus – “the friend of sinners.”  Wear that name as a badge of honor.

Fill my cup Lord.  I lift it up Lord.  Come and quench this thirsting in my soul; Bread of heaven, feed me till I want no more.  Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole!

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