Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Pea Patch

This is my experimental garden using the seeds my uncle gave me several weeks ago.  I have planted two varities of field pea; purple hulls that came from my father (they are more than ten years old and my uncle kept them in his freezer all this time) and brown crowder peas  that came from my mother's side of the family (and have been passed down for decades).  The purple hulls are a vine-type of pea and are climbing the poles on the left.  The brown crowders are a bush, planted on the right.  Both are family heirloom seeds; you won't find these in the store.

I have only fifteen plants this year because I'm using this time for my learning curve.  Next year I will plant three rows, 100 feet long each.

These plants are growing very fast right now and appear healthy.  I'll post another picture in a couple of weeks to compare the progress. 

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Robert H. said...

Lookin Good !! Three rows 100 ft long will require more of your time ,but hey its good therapy and rewarding too. Good Luck Farmer Ron!!