Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Remember When

I remember when:
  • Children sat in church with their parents and doodled on the tithe envelopes with a pencil found in the pew
  • Pastors wore suit and ties, but when the preaching was really good, he would take off his coat and throw it to his wife on the front row
  • Cutting edge technology in Sunday School was felt boards and flannel graphs
  • There was a little sign at the front of the church that told the attendance, offering and how many visitors we had at church
  • We had church Sunday mornings, Sunday nights and Wednesday nights and to miss any of the three meetings was next to backsliding
  • The only instruments in the church were a piano and an organ. Guitars and drums were for the nightclubs and bars
  • Favorite songs could be identified by the page number of the holy hymnal, and for some reason we never sang the third verse of any song
  • People who sang “specials” never sounded that special and always had to read the words of the song off the back of a cassette label. They would say “don’t listen to me, just listen to the words”, and it was impossible to do either one.

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