Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Building Morale

  • People need to know that they actually make a difference, not just complete tasks
  • People won’t go along with you if they can’t get along with you
  • One of the biggest morale builders is simply asking people their opinions.  People feel valued when their opinions are taken seriously.  Besides, the people INSIDE the system are in the best position to evaluate it
  • The more you value people, the more they will be committed to you
  • Great ideas don’t always come from the top
  • Just because someone doesn’t ask for recognition doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve it
  • Hand-written thank you notes are amazing, and so much better than emails.  I’ve gotten thank you notes for sending thank you notes
  • Taking 5 minutes to say thanks doesn’t cost a leader a whole lot of time, but it really can make someone’s day
  • Always take the high road
  • Praise publicly and correct privately. 
  • We must give people the freedom to ask questions, the freedom to provide feedback, and the training that they need.
  • People matter

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