Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - June 26, 2011

We have the neatest church.  I really mean that.

Great people.  Get stuff happening.

We had a number of guests today.  I got to meet some, but not all.  One family I met has just moved here from North Carolina.  He is in the Army, stationed at Eglin.  Special Forces, Green Berets.

I enjoyed playing bass guitar during in the band.  Our regular bass player was out of town so I was asked to fill in.  Had a lot of fun.

I’m especially enjoying the hymns that we have been doing the last few weeks for the offering.  My observation is that almost everyone in the congregation lights up and gets fully engaged during this time.

We are now one month into summer and vacation/travel time has officially started.  It was apparent today.  Our attendance was off about 75 people.  It didn’t diminish anyone’s enthusiasm; there was a great spirit in the house.

The best part of the day was the ministry fair.  It produced very good results.

A lot of new people signed up to serve in our ministries.  I don’t’ have an actual count yet, but my estimate is between 60-70 people new volunteers.  WHOW!

We had ministry opportunities and openings for the worship band, ushers, greeters, welcome center, hospitality, all age-level departments, teens, security, grounds keeping & landscaping, children’s check-in, clean team, and several other areas.

This is going to turn things around for us.

After church we had a luncheon for all the ministry leaders and department heads who were involved in the enlistment drive.  This gave us time to debrief, compare results, and spend some time together.  It was a lot of fun.

We’ve got a great group of volunteers serving at PCC, and great group of leaders who lead their teams well.  Combined with our improved systems, this is going to take us over the top!

A full calendar of activities is planned for the month of July and August.  This will keep our momentum going for the rest of the summer.  Then in September we will have our fall family roundup.

A generous man purchased and donated a brand new lawn mower (and other lawn equipment) to PCC on Friday!  This brings our total number of mowers up to two.  This mower will be put to good use at beautifying the grounds and will be an enormous help to those who serve in this ministry.  I really appreciate the people who love their church enough to do things like this.  It demonstrates a deep investment in PCC and ownership of their ministry. Thanks Chuck R. for making this happen!

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