Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - June 5, 2011

Today was a good day at PCC.  Though attendance was a bit off we had two very good services; the music was exceptional, a number of guests showed up, giving was strong, and all our volunteers/ ministry workers were at their place of service.  The high level of dedication on the part of our many volunteers is a good sign of discipleship and growing maturity within our church family.  The best part of all was the fact that God was in the house and the anointing of Holy Spirit was apparent on everything.

I’m at the place in my life where I would rather pastor a smaller church made up of people who are committed to the pursuit of spiritual growth than a larger church made up of a bunch of consumers who never grow up.

Today also marked a transition for some of our leaders.  Polly Brown is now the team leader for the Welcome Center; Samantha Webster is the new nursery director; and Alyssa Schepper is the new director for Pint Size Kidz.

Dottie Wheelus & Barbara Slate, who have served as our Nursery Directors, are also transitioning to new ministry roles.  These two ladies have served our church in a variety of capacities over the years and absolutely possess a servant’s heart.  They exemplify what it means to push boats, and have always been willing to do whatever needs to be done.  Dottie and Barbara took over the Nursery at a very critical time in our church’s journey and stepped up to the challenge with minimum supervision and virtually no training.  But they learned along the way has helped bring our church to the place where it is today.  Although they offered to serve for six months, they ended up serving several years.  Of this I am very mindful, and thankful.

Denise Yates has been added to our ministry staff team.  I will write about this Monday or Tuesday.

The age-level ministries area is REALLY shaping up right now.  We are poised for great things to happen.

Last week Renae & Ann Lewis were having breakfast at a local restaurant when one of the waitresses came to their table and said, “I’ve been attending your church for the last few weeks.”  She went on to describe all the things she liked at PCC, but the thing she talked about most was how pleased she was with the children’s ministry department and the positive experience her children were having there.  A special shout out goes to all the people who make that happen!

Look, when total strangers in the community are taking about the children’s ministry of PCC in such a positive way, and in a public place, then you know God is up to something.  

Today I was informed that a group of people have offered to host and completely sponsor our Newcomers Coffee.  That’s good news.  I have been hoping to reinstate this ministry for the last two years, but have lacked the needed manpower to pull if off as well as the personal energy to handle it myself.  Although we still offer it as a Next Step option for newcomers on our blue Registration Cards, and every month a number of people check the box indicating their interest, we have been unable to follow through.  It’s just another sign of our overtaxed systems.  With this offer of help, now is the time to turn things around.

We used to offer Newcomers Coffee (formally called Pastors Chat) in my home on a regular basis.  It was highly successful.  But the last time we offered it there were 35 people in my home and it was overwhelming.  Doing it at the church now seems like a better option.

A special shout out to Ann Lewis and the group of people she has successfully pulled together who have agreed to support this effort.  That’s what I’m talking about!

This morning when I was referring to our early days at PCC and said, “We were seven days from extinction every Sunday,” I meant it.  It was the truth.  When I think of the people and the great personal sacrifices they made to help get us where we are today, all I can say is: IT’S A GOD THING.  We’ve come a long way baby!

We’re here to stay.

Do you realize how diverse PCC is?  Our church has people from all walks of life: from a Ph. D (Doctor of Philosophy) to a former bar bouncer; from retired cops and active duty cops to the “customers” of cops; from a Game Warden to Lawyers; plumbers, probation officers, contractors, school teachers, entrepreneur’s, factory workers, supervisors, stay-at-home moms, former Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals, etc, Orientals, Cubans, Phillopenos, African Americans, and every other shade of Gentile in-between.  I absolutely love it.

Jonathan & Jamie (my son and daughter-in-law) go to the doctor in a couple of weeks for a sonogram to determine the sex of their first child.  This will also make me and Renae first-time grandparents.

 It is time for me and Renae to do an inventory (audit) of our AT&T charges, insurance coverage’s, cable, and internet costs.  I’m almost debt free, but it’s also time to cut our service charges too.

I find it strange how easily some people get mad and quit church.  The silly reasons that some people give are astonishing.  It’s like trading in your car every time it runs out of gas.  If it wasn’t so immature and feeble, it would be comical.

Tomorrow is Nathan’s birthday (my second son).  He will be 23 years old.  I guess I’m required to take him and his girlfriend out to dinner.  Renae said I had to, so I guess that settles it :)

I’m really focused on my eating habits and caloric intake right now.  I’ve lost a couple of pounds recently, but more importantly my stomach doesn’t seem so “angry” lately.

I realize that today’s message was not for everyone.  However it WAS for everyone that we depend upon to get the work of the ministy done; to that end it was very applicable.  I saw a number of people tuning out, (it was going over their head).  Yet an equal number of people were clearly tuning in; these are the people who make PCC happen.

I love it when I see people taking notes, reading ahead, and absorbing.  That let’s me know the Holy Spirit is at work.

I had a dozen conversations after church concerning the message.  One conversation, however, let me know that this person missed the point altogether.

I really enjoyed today’s offering talk from the book of James.  The sins of these people was not making money or making plans, but arrogance and presumption.  They were so confident in themselves that they left God out of their calculations.

People often pray for a financial miracle but God says we need financial discipline instead.  I mean, why would He bother to bail us out if we continue to spend irresponsibly?

One thing I’ve learned about church work and successful ministry is this:  You don’t have to hit a home run each week to grow a church, just hit consistent singles and love people.

Reality TV raises the question:  Is there intelligent life on earth?

I’m growing a small garden of field peas.  The seed came from an uncle, (my mother’s brother), that go back a few generations in the family.  They are “heirloom” seeds.  Some of the seed (purple hull peas) came from my father’s garden.  My uncle has kept these seed in his freezer for more than ten years, and much to my surprise they have sprouted and are growing vigorously.

Last night I ate some authentic Cuban cuisine.  It was great.  Renae and I were invited to dinner.  The fellowship was great too.  Thanks Maribel Noda.

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Maribel said...

It was my pleasure to have you and Renae over for dinner, Thank you for coming. Service was great,
I know someone personally that service touched very deeply.