Friday, June 3, 2011

This Sunday

This Sunday I will begin a short series entitled “Uncovering the Heart of a Servant.”  It will last about 3-4 weeks.  The timing for this series is critical.  Here’s why:  

First, summer is upon us and we want our ministry efforts to remain strong during these months.  This series will affirm the contribution of our existing servants and communicate how much they are needed and appreciated.

Secondly, our church is going through a season of realignment right now; there have been some staff changes, structural changes in a few ministry areas, and leadership transitions; so it’s important that key people in our church family understand how this fits into the bigger picture.

Third, we are deliberately trying to identify and raise up additional leaders from within the PCC family.  This series will let you know what we’re doing and the kind of people we are looking for. 

Fourth, our church needs this instruction.  Sacrificial living is at the very core of being a Christian and a servant of Jesus Christ.  Our church, like many others, has its fair share of people who possess a deep sense of entitlement and believe that the church exists merely to cater to them and their needs without ever having to reciprocate.  It is a mistake to allow that type of mentality to become ingrained, or to go unchallenged, because it produces shallow, self-centered Christians who are a drain on a church's limited recourses.

Fifthly, we just finished a three month series on the life of Joseph (March-April-May) in which we learned a lot of Bible content, but now it’s time that I address some “in house” issues at PCC.

I am glad to say that PCC is a church that has one of the highest numbers of volunteers, servants, volunteer ministers, and generous givers of any church I have ever seen.  There are hundreds of people who joyfully serve, sacrificially give, and virtually run all the ministries of this church.  Without them this church would not exist.

This Sunday’s message is:  Passing the Leadership Test

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