Thursday, July 14, 2011


About two weeks ago, on July 3rd we had a first-time guest to PCC.  She filled out a registration card, so we sent her a follow up letter.  On the card she also signed up for the Newcomers Luncheon and asked to be baptized.    So today one of our staff members gave her a courtesy call regarding her expressed interest in these two events.  Her response?  I won’t be back.  The people in your church are unfriendly.  I have already found another church that I really enjoy.” 

Geesh.  It’s like she lured us in only to take a pot-shot below the belt.  The nerve of some people.  And by the way, what kind of person signs up to be baptized on their first visit to any church?  I think we dodged a bullet on this one.

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