Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - July 17, 2011

What a week!  What a day!

A special shout out to the volunteers of PCC.  These are the people who make our church happen!

Last week our care team really stepped up to help a family in need after a death occurred.  I was blown away by their response.

Today was no different.  The patio ushers were providing valet parking because of the rain.  Plus, they were escorting people to and from the building under umbrellas.  They got sopping wet serving others.  That’s what I’m talking about!  It’s about “serving others” and stepping up the call of duty.

Jewel C. said this on Facebook:  My sincere thanks to Bobby Burkett & Robert Hughes for helping me get in & out of church this a.m. It was pouring rain when I parked & before I knew it Bobby was right there besides me with an umbrella. I had put my purse & Bible in a plastic bag. Bobby carried it up to the church for me & it was heavy. (:-) Robert Hughes walked me out under his umbrella to my car after church.

Renae C. said this on Facebook:  Can I just say ... that we had a GREAT worship service at PCC this morning ... and Team PCC hit it OUT OF THE BALLPARK TODAY! God bless EVERY member who drove through this monsoon to be at church, and God bless ALL our volunteers who arrived early & served at their stations of duty today with such JOY. And USHERS .... you guys ROCKED with the parking assistance you offered ... WAY TO GO GUYS!!!!!!

Smantha W said, Just wanted to say thank you to the PCC Ushers who helped Elliejay and I into church this morning and even parked my car for me so that I wouldn't have to get wet. What a loving and serving body of believers I am honored to call my church family!

You can't pay people to do this.  Either they have a servants heart or either they don't.  Great people.

BTW, servanthood is what discipleship is.  So what if you can quote Dr. so-and-so and talk deep theolgoy.  Real discipleship is putting your theology into action.

Christa C. says, Church was fantastic this morning!!

Cathy D. says,  Lovely baptism service today. My heart was touched...tears came to my eyes when I saw certain young men and women get baptized that I've known (and taught in children's ministry) since they were little. God is just awesome!

Brittany D. says,  Congrats to everyone that was baptized today.

I liked to have fell out when I seen the number of people in service today!  Both services were well attended.  Even though it was like a monsoon outside and the roads (leading to our church) were closed due to road construction, people kept pouring in!  Dang!  We even had a bunch of visitors.

The principle from Tate High School visited today.

The music was good too.

Twenty two people were baptized  – 14 in the first service and 8 in the second service.  Young and old alike followed the Lord in this ordinance.  Each person had a unique story, and I know most of those stories.  It fills my heart with gratitude to have a small part in their spiritual formation.

Some of the teenagers who were baptized today have attended PCC for a number of years, beginning as children.  Their spiritual formation is due entirely to the children’s workers (past and present) as well as the teen workers (past and present) who have discipled these people along the way.

We’ve got some great people at PCC.

After the first service, a certain lady, who has been attending with us for four weeks said to me, “I have never seen this many people baptized at once.  I’m impressed, because this is what it’s about.”

I understood where she was coming from.  There is such an ABSENCE of baptisms taking place in most churches that it’s a rare thing to see 14 people baptized at once (much less the 45 we baptized last time).  In fact, did you know that some churches go for YEARS without baptizing a SINGLE PERSON?  Years!  Not one!  That’s because they don’t target unchurched people and rely upon church transferees to keep their doors open… which is nothing more than reshuffling the deck.

I think a church that does God’s work God’s way will never lack for God’s blessings.

Giving was real good too.  In fact, we are now on track for July to be a good month.

In the last few months we have lost about four couples for differing reasons.  Departures always sadden me.  But I am also AMAZED at how QUICKLY God FILLS THE GAP.  New people with fresh eyes and great talent always step up and make the ministry more fruitful than it was before!  Even the financial gap gets filled.  This is not a slight against anyone, but it IS one of the ways that God CONFIRMS His approval upon this ministry;  He continually sends in the people with the right talent at the right time to take us to the next level.

I wrote something about this recently:  Growth Through Subtraction CLICK TO READ

It is very exciting to see God prove Himself again and again.

Online giving is beginning to pick up.  THANK YOU to everyone who uses this option… especially when you cannot be physically present in service.

The ushers nailed it today in the sanctuary.  They were flexible, responded to changing circumstances, and helped create a seamless church service that was anything except normal.  As someone who used to worry and stress over all these kind of details, it is so reassuring to know that great people, under great leadership, have got this area COVERED!

If that were not enough, as soon as church was over today a group of men broke down the components of the baptism pool, vacuumed the water from the carpet, put throw rugs in the atrium, and set up a floor fan to dry the carpet.  I turned around and it was DONE!

Great people.  Great church.  And a great God.

It was great to see new volunteers today (who signed up in June) serving as ushers, in hospitality, at the Welcome Center, and in age-level ministry areas.  LOVE OUR CHURCH. 

I am proud of our church.  I’m not saying we are better than anyone else, because we aren’t.  We are just being the best we can be.  Besides, I really like the people who attend PCC.

Newcomers Luncheon in two weeks (July 31).

Next Month, in August, is TEEN SUMMER CAMP and VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL.  I’m going to teen camp this year and plan on stirring up some serious trouble.

In September we are launching PCC UNIVERSITY.  Details to come.

Today I wore jeans to church - the second time in thirteen years.  Since nobody had a meltdown, I might wear them again.

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Christa C said...

You should wear jeans whenever you want to Ron... If they leave because of that, you prob don't want them anyway!!!!! Faultfinders!!!!!! I think my pastor should be comfy... Jesus wore a robe!!!!!!! And sandals!!!! Can't get more comfy than that!!!!!! Btw, loved service on Sunday!! You do a great job!!!