Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - July 24, 2011

Simply a good day.

Our musicians shifted around, out of their normal positions, to fill the gaps.  They never missed a beat.

Attendance has steadily risen for the last three weeks straight.

There were a lot of young families coming through the doors today too.  Really glad to see this. 

Giving has been steadily improving all year.  Furthermore, the month of July is now shaping up to be one of our best months ever.  It’s a real momentum builder for us going into the fall.

The message this morning (The Wheat & Tares) was different and very challenging. 

I think this current series “The Stories of Jesus” is top-of-the-shelf stuff.  Before the series ends, we’ll be looking at more parables, stories, and metaphors Jesus told to communicate the mysteries of God’s kingdom.  You really don’t want to miss any of these.

There were some real nice comments on Facebook about today’s service too.

A lot of exciting things are coming up at PCC over the next couple of months.  i.e., Newcomers Lunch, Student Camp, Vacation Bible School, PCC University (elective classes), Seminars 101 & 201, and (I think) Financial Peace University is going to launch again.  And this is not all!  We’ll keep you informed on the details as they develop. 

Sorry the Mind Dump is so brief tonight, I’ve had a real busy afternoon and still have more to do.

I'll be posting almost every day this week, so check back.


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