Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - July 3, 2011

Days like today remind me that I don’t ever want to miss church (unless I’m on vacation).  I’m reflecting on the day and it was a keeper!

It was a good day and we took care of some family business.

I will confess that I woke up feeling like a semi truck had run over me.  It took about an hour just to shake the cobwebs out of my head.  I was so groggy that I could barely collect my thoughts.

Being July 4th weekend I had no idea how many people would show up, or if attendance would be so low that it would kill the service.  That was messing with my mind too.

Yes, attendance was off.  But hey, it’s summer, it’s July 4th, and people are traveling.  Most of the attendance drop was in the children’s ministry areas.  That’s what families with small kids do in the summer - travel.  Things should be back to normal next week. 

I took the occasion to take care of some family business.  Today’s message was a six month update on the state of our church.  It was very encouraging to hear.  Among many other accomplishments, our financial picture is improving.  Our giving year-to-date is 14% higher than the previous six months and we have cut expenses by 10%.  Those are good numbers in both directions. 

I was very transparent about some of the tough decisions we have made to get PCC to the place where it is now.  I was also transparent about a few departures.

I taught from 2 Kings 7 with the main thought coming from v.3-4;  “Why are We Sitting Here Waiting to Die?”  The text had application for both individuals and for our church.

No matter how desperate your situation is, you always have choices.  Always.

Today’s level of giving was 37% higher than the same Sunday last year.  We are off to a good start for the middle of the year.

Never before in the history of our church have we had so many high capacity, competent, and qualified leaders at one time as we have right now.  It is a new season at PCC and I really feel like we are on the threshold of a breakthrough.

God is breathing His life into the life of PCC and it is reflected in the stories that are being told... the life-change that is occurring in people's lives... and by the hard data provided by our corporate indicators.  

We had a lot of visitors today.  I met three new families and had a pleasant chat with each.

Our Newcomers Luncheon comes up on July 31.  Today we opened it up for sign up, and already the list is one-third full.  It will probably fill up next week.  I'm really looking forward to this event. 

Last Wednesday I came home from work and there was a message on my answering machine from Pace Water System.  The lady said, “Mr. Christian, this is courtesy call.  You are going to have an extremely high water bill this month.”  Well, the bill came in Friday.  It was $300.  The statement said I used 90,000 gallons of water!  I know I have been watering my lawn a lot, but this is ridiculous.

Looking forward to July 4th – going to be a fun day.

Be safe.

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