Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - July 31, 2011

Today was one of our best days in a long time.

The music was good, worship was spontaneous, and God’s Word penetrated very deep.

Greg Gill nailed on the drums today, especially during the song “I See the Lord.” 

Esther M. was on stage as a new singer today, filling in for Renee J. who is out for a few weeks.  Esther fit in perfectly, has a great voice, and comes from a strong Christian family.  It was great to have her on board.  BTW, her father is the man who plays acoustic guitar.

Everyone – all the singers and all the musicians – nailed it.  I was sitting towards the back and was blown away.

Attendance has increased every Sunday for the month of July, with today being the highest.

Giving has climbed all month too.  The month of July has been one of our best months ever in thirteen years… and it has been the best July on record.

After church we held the Newcomers Luncheon which turned out to be a great event.  There were two dozen people in the room I didn’t know, which means we hit our target audience perfectly.  The best part of all was watching the way these newcomers began connecting with other newcomers.  Gotta love it.

This event would not have happened if not for Ann Lewis and the team of people she pulled together for this effort.  I won’t attempt to mention everyone by name because I am sure to miss someone, but I will say that your labor of love was noticed, is appreciated, and was very effective for PCC.  The table displays, food, and set up were first class too.

After the days events I ended up having a lengthy visit with Gene, Brian, and Denise in her office.  We had a great talking and didn’t leave until 3:00 p.m.

Lot’s of victory at PCC right now.  Things haven’t bee this good in a long, long time.

When I got to church this morning I found a package and a nice note at my office door.  It was a picture of a waterfall, taken by this person, who then enlarged it and framed it.  The card contained words of encouragement that were as refreshing to me as if were standing at the base of the waterfall myself.  Thank you DK.

Living a public life is not so much fun – it’s like living in a fish bowl, or always being in somebody’s headlights. Trust me, not easy.  But there are certain people in the body of Christ who make it all bearable. They are “encouragers.” In fact, they might even have the gift of encouragement. Aside from ministering their gift to the body, they often direct it towards their pastor. These people can do more for a pastor’s emotional well-being than a professionally trained therapist. They are gifts from God.  A well-timed “thank you” from someone can lift me for days.

My wife has been in Gainesville FL for a solid week with her father who is hospitalized at Shands Hospital.  She got home last night about 6:00 p.m., so she could be in service with us this morning, then left shortly after church this afternoon to return to Gainesville.  She will be there a least a couple of more days.  She is tired.  Her father is ill.  We covet your prayers.

So glad the AC’s were working good today.  It was cold.

Have you noticed the children’s hallway recently?  Have you noticed the rooms?  These people have it going on!  The whole wing is a children’s “environment.”  It is truly a kids “zone.”

Teen camp starts tomorrow.  I have been invited to speak at one of the breakaway sessions on Wednesday.  Looking forward to it.

Yes, I said, “Ronnie’s Vineyard and Winery” in the second service.  Yes, I’m glad that people know when to take me seriously and when not to.

PCC University starts in September. 

I love what God is doing at PCC.

God is good.

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