Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - August 14, 2011

Solid day.

Music was good too.

Finances have remained consistent all summer, which means we’ll go into the fall without having to make up for a summer drop.  If this trend line continues we will end the year strong.

VBS starts tomorrow.

Next Sunday is Youth Servant Sunday.  Many of the teenagers will be assisting on stage with the worship band.  We will be also having special prayer for all the kids at the end of service, since they will be going back to school the next day.  They will be called forward, we’ll lay hands on them and offer prayers for their protection and spiritual growth.

Sign up for PCC University for elective Bible classes.

Sign up for Financial Peace University for financial guidance.

Both begin in September.

Today’s message (The Unforgiving Servant) was challenging.  A lot of people talked me after both services about it.  This happens every time I speak on the subject of “forgiving others” and it lets me know that virtually everyone struggles with this at some point in their lives.

Jesus’ parables and stories are riveting!

One issue I was not able to address in today’s message is the matter of forgiving others IF they do NOT ask for forgiveness.  i.e., Do I have to forgive someone if they don’t repent?  Am I obligated to forgive everyone of every sin committed against me even if the offender is unrepentant or without remorse?  This is known as Unilateral Forgiveness or One-Way Forgiveness.  There are two schools of thought in the matter: some say yes, others say no.  I will address this topic in the future.

For now, I’ll offer this insight:  You must never treat an offender as if he has not done anything wrong.  More people would get straightened out and get right with God if we quit patting them on the back after they committed an offense, and simply confronted them according to Matthew 18:15 and Luke 17:4.

Renae and celebrate 30 years tomorrow.

Our first grandbaby is due the week of Thanksgiving.

I listened to Bill Hybles give a talk this week on leadership.  One of the best I’ve heard on a long time.  He asked five questions:

1.  What is your current challenge-level at work?
2.  What is your plan for dealing with challenging people in your church?
3.  Are you naming, facing, and resolving problems that exist in your church?
4.  When was the last time you re-examined the core mission of your church?
5.  Have you had your leadership bell rung lately?

Gotta go.  Fixing to fry some mullet.


Louie said...

Yum! How was the mullet Ron. Really enjoyed the sermon. Its amazing how you preach on things that happen in our lives, I mean just at the right time. Lorraine and I were just talking about forgiveness the other day and then you preached on it Sunday. Simply amazing.

Ron said...

Thanks Louie!