Thursday, September 8, 2011

Seminars 101 & 201

If you follow my blog, you have read plenty about the retooling we’ve been doing at PCC.  We have been systematically working our way through a list of six essential core ministries, one at a time, evaluating them, improving them, removing them, or replacing them.

We have now arrived at a decision regarding our seminar system.  For the next season of ministry we have taken Seminar 201, “Discovering Spiritual Maturity” off the table and will not be offering it.  The reasons for this decision are:

1.  Most of the content in 201 is beneath the maturity level of our congregation.

2.  Our Sunday morning services and sermons already provide a steady diet spiritual maturity content that is deeper and stronger than 201.

3.  Many of the needs that 201 used to meet are now being met through various other means, such as PCC University, Foundations & Elective Classes, other Bible study groups, topical seminars, and the multiple teachers now in our church family that serve throughout our church.  (BTW, the picture to the right is of our Foundations Classes that start tonight).

We will still offer our membership seminar, formerly known as Seminar 101. It is renamed “Discovering the PCC Family” because we are dropping the 101 identification.  It is currently being rewritten and updated and will be offered in October.

You can read about our philosophy of membership in the blog below…..

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