Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - September 4, 2011

In spite of the extreme weather, attendance at PCC today was almost 400.  Lower than normal, but not bad for a tropical storm day.

Very thankful that the rain let up during my talk because our metal roof is so noisy when it rains.

There was a good feeling in the house today.  People really seemed to enjoy themselves and hung around for a long time.

The song service was very good too.  Good selection of songs that really ministered in a lot of ways.

The volume was a little too loud in the second service.  Got some pushback from a few people. 

The CDs for Financial Peace University flew off the shelf today.  Scott and Donna do a great work teaching people how to get out of debt and work towards a complete financial makeover.  A lot of people in the PCC family have already benefited from this ministry.

The two financial testimonies I shared today spoke to a lot of people.

If you have a financial testimony that you would like to share, I would be interested in hearing it.  We might be able to use it on Sunday morning.  Or I might even have you tell the story yourself.

Somebody wrote me on Facebook today saying that he was a Hardees this morning and overheard a lady talking to a total stranger about PCC.  It was her second visit to our church and she loved it… and was now telling this total stranger about her experience.   What’s not to like about that?  Thanks Ray Collins for letting us know about this.

At PCC, every Christian has a past and every sinner (who is seeking God) can have a future in Christ.  We are a grace place.

And ye shall seek Me, and find Me, when ye shall search for Me with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13 KJV)

We had a large family gathering at my house after church today.  Great time.  Great food.  Always enjoy these events.

I guess this rain (tropical storm) will cause my land clearing project to come to a stand still.  Really excited about this project and can’t wait for it to be completed.

Nothing like a good church and good family to do Sunday with.

If you have God, a good family, and a good church (and in that order), you can’t be any richer than that.  These are the things that make life real.

Go out and do good works this week.

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