Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Announcements & Other 411

After eleven weeks in one message series – Stories Jesus Told – we finished last Sunday.  This has been one of our most productive series in a long time.

This Sunday is Communion.  I’ve have a good feeling about this service.  You should come expectantly.

Next Sunday, at the conclusion of the second service, I am baptizing four people.

Last night I made baked Jalapeño Poppers.  I stuffed them with cheese and bacon bits. They were pretty good for my first attempt.

We were a shorthanded with help at the church today cleaning the building.  But those who showed up, ever faithful as they are, stepped up and filled the gap.  Thank you, guys.  Your work really makes a difference and means a lot to me.

We had a 3 ½ hour staff meeting earlier this week.  This is longer than normal, but it was very productive.  It started out by doing normal business, and then bloomed into a lengthy discussion of self-evaluation regarding our church and its ministries.  I asked a lot of questions and by the end of the day I had absolute clarity on a few things.

I think PCC has become ingrown... and I know what we need to do.  We are coming back to the basics.  “Gentlemen, this is a football.”

In all fairness to Hank Williams Jr., it was 7:30 AM in Tennessee and he was already inebriated.  Take that Monday Night Football!

My daughter in-law’s pregnancy is progressing normally.  We had a little scare last week.  Her name in Jamie.  Great girl.  We are excited.

I have a wedding rehearsal today, ceremony tomorrow.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about PCC’s thirteen year journey and the impact we’ve had.  That journey represents thirteen years of changed lives, hundreds and hundreds of them (if not more).  Every one of these people has a story.  This reminded me that God has not only called me to this church, but to this community.  There are thousands out there who are still unreached.  That’s why I can never leave PCC.  America needs pastors who will stay in their communities and in their churches for the long haul.  Pastors who do this create stable churches, which in turn become stabilizing influences in the community.

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