Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Five

1.  Time Change Tomorrow Night.  Daylight Savings Time Ends.  Turn your clock BACK one hour.

2.  INVITE.  If you invited a guest to the Fall Fest & Chili Cook Off, then this Sunday would be a perfect opportunity to invite them to church.  It’s going to be a great day.  I will be sharing a stand alone message about community.

3.  Next Sunday I will begin a NEW MESSAGE SERIES from the book of Habakkuk.  The book is only three chapters in length and we’ll go verse-by-verse.  The first message will be entitled, “God, Why Don’t You Do Something?”  If you have ever asked that question yourself, or wondered about God’s seeming lack of intervention in your circumstances, then the book of Habakkuk is for you.  It gives us great insights and offers a lot encouragement.

4.  I had a great time yesterday having lunch with pastors Rob Hadding (Christ Church, Uri Brito (Providence Church), Doug Holmes (Christian Life Church), and Fred Rogers (First Assembly of God).  The group of us is deliberately making the effort of building bridges to one another.  Pretty cool.

5.  DISASTER struck our house last night.  The evening started out good.  We had a small group of friends and family over for dinner.  Loved the fellowship.  Then about 10:00 PM as we were headed to bed, Renae and I discovered water in the bedroom.  Apparently the toilet got stuck running (you know, when the plunger doesn’t line up and the water keeps running).  Well it ran for serveral hours until it filled up our septic tank, saturated the field lines, and eventually backed up into the house overflowing the toilet.  We discovered water about 3 inches deep in the bathroom, and it sponged its way into the carpet in the master bedroom, walk-in closet, and even came under the wall to the carpet in the living room.  We literally had to bail the water out with pans and then sop up the rest with towels, After than, I had to cut the carpet and pad out.  So that’s what I was doing late last night.  Now it looks like I’m going to have to buy a new carpet.  NOTE TO SELF:  Always double check the toilet becasue a Straight Flush is better than a Full House.

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Eddie Hernandez said...

Sorry to hear about the midnight ordeal but glad you are taking it in stride. Laughed with your poker analogy.. Looking forward to the new series.