Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Info

1.  This Sunday we will be in chapter two of Habakkuk.  The message title is:  In God’s Time, Not Our Time.”  This chapter teaches us the necessity of having patience, and trusting the Sovereignty of God while we wait.  It is sure to be a word of encouragement and instruction for us all.

2.  This Sunday’s music will be acoustic.  About half the band is away due to Thanksgiving and holiday travel, so instead of a normal musical presentation we’re featuring acoustic guitar and ashiko (drum).  You’re really going to enjoy it.

3.  We had another flooding disaster at my house yesterday.  A water line busted beneath the toilet and water filled half the house.  The water-pressure was so high that it sprayed the ceiling.  It was a mess.  A special thank you to everyone who came over and helped bail water and pull carpet.

4.  The church building is filled with our regular Friday volunteers right now.  We are having lunch together and having face-time with one another.  These people get the building clean and ready for Sunday services every week and we value them highly.

5.  Next Thursday and Friday the church offices will be closed. 

6.  FYI, next Wednesday night, there is an Annual Community Thanksgiving Service at Milton First Assembly of God Church, where Fred Rogers is pastor.  The service time is 7:00 PM.   This is an opportunity for believers from all churches to congregate and give thanks to God for the grace and mercy He has shown to His people.  The evening will feature special music, testimonies, and a special offering to be received for a local charity.  The church is located 6163 Dogwood Drive (north Milton on the bypass road).  Their phone number is 623-2854.  Renae and I are planning to attend.
7.  Our grandson, Nolan, is doing much better.  We are thankful to God, and thank you too for your prayers in our behalf.

8.  Christmas day falls on a Sunday this year.  We WILL be having service that day.  ONLY ONE service:  9:00 AM.

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