Friday, November 25, 2011

Personal Stuff & PCC Stuff

Wednesday night Renae and I, along with Sidney Gill, and James & Dottie Wheelus from PCC, attended the Annual Inter-Faith Thanksgiving Service at Milton First Assembly of God Church.  About eight churches from the community were represented.  It was a good event.  A few pictures are posted below.  Afterwards, we met with Rob and Marty Hadding (from Christ Church) for coffee and pie at Village Inn.  It was a great evening.

Thanksgiving Day was filled with two family events.  We enjoyed lots of food and lively conversation.  With a new grandson added to the mix, there was plenty new joy added to this annual family gathering.  I do hope your Thanksgiving Day was as replenishing as ours.

Today was Black Friday, the day of year when retailers are luring shoppers with “door-buster” specials.  This morning as I watched the network news, I could hardly believe the stories.  People are out of control – getting into shouting matches and fistfights just for consumer items that are nowhere close to necessities.  What insanity.

Renae and I avoided the crowds and went fishing instead.  The weather was fabulous and it was a great day to be on the water.

All of this has added up to make me very eager to remind you of our upcoming weekend services at PCC.  This Sunday concludes our series on the book of Habakkuk – Grappling With God and Growing in Faith.  This message will help recalibrate us back to True North.  The music will be moving too.  Invite, better yet, bring a guest with you to services this weekend.

December is going to be an exciting month of extra-curricular activities at PCC.  Exciting changes are coming in January too.

Some of PCC’s best days are just around the corner.

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