Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - December 18, 2011

Really good day. The energy level was off the chart just before the first service out in the atrium. People really seem to enjoy one another’s company on Sunday mornings.

The singers who were singing Christmas carols in the atrium was a nice touch too.

The new landscaping looked very good. Good curb appeal. Thanks to Jack H. and those who worked with him to make it happen.

A lot of people really seemed to enjoy the message this morning. While it was not profound, the outline did reaffirm those things we know to be true and reminded us to put first things first.

Sometimes just “hearing” it again is all the nudge we need to get going.

Attended three Christmas socials yesterday, and three more after church today.

I have eaten 6 million calories in the last two weeks.

Last night was Christmas Caroling at Alyssa’s Antique Depot in Pace. Really a neat place. The singers were exceptional and a big hit to all the customers. Alyssa and her family attend PCC.

Some of the same carolers went to the Hospice center at West FL Hospital today after church, singing for the patients and their families. Many of them were very encouraged and appreciative.

The teenagers had a Progressive Dinner tonight. Renae and I dropped in at one of the host locations for an hour or so. Lots of fun.

Good things happening at PCC. Very excited about the future.

Here’s a comment from Facebook: Great day. Church and 3 Christmas parties...think i got my fellowship in for the week...nah you can never have enough with good Christian folk! Love my church family. Excited about what the New Year holds for us!

My first series for 2012 will probably be on the book of Esther. Will also teach a series on the book of Job.

I have really enjoyed the holiday season so far. Since Thanksgiving I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with a variety of people and groups from our church family. That is a definite advantage to clearing the calendar of regular ministry activities this time of year, because it makes room for holiday and fellowship activities. Plus it breaks the routine, keeping things fresh.

Can’t wait to get started on 2012. Among other things, we’re really going to be doubling our efforts towards newcomers.

It’s going to be an exciting New Year for us.

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