Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Mind Dump - December 4, 2011

A good day at PCC.  The atmosphere was exceptional.

The atrium and sanctuary were decorated for Christmas.  Very impressive.  The people who put this together did a good job.

I guess you could say it was an Extreme Makeover. 

There’s a lot more of that to come.

December is going to be busy and exciting month:  banquets, parties, special gatherings, etc.

In January we’re going to be busting new ground.

Attendance was back up today.  The energy level in the first service was off the chart.

We announced our special Christmas Offering today.  Every December we ask our church family to sacrificially give above and beyond their normal level of giving.  We use this money to fund ministry initiatives for the following year.  If we end the year financially strong we can begin the new year strong.

One man gave $1000.00 today designating it to the Christmas Offering.  Thank you very much!

I’m confident that people will be giving and/or pledging all month long.  We have such generous people.

You seen the new logo in the bulletin and signage on the walls:  2012, New Year, New Beginning.  Good things are in our near future.

We’re coming back to some basics… the same things that have made us a great church in the first place.

Relationships are the glue that holds a church together.  That has always been a main strength of PCC.

I’m very proud of the people of PCC.  So many of you have stepped up in big ways.

When the right people gather for the right reasons God is there to do the right things.  (A take away from Matthew 18:20).

I will go where you go… your people will be my people…. your God will be my God… and nothing shall separate us except death (Ruth to Naomi).

I resumed running several weeks ago and I’m really enjoying it, especially in the cool weather.  Recently I have run early in the morning with ice on the ground, which I find especially enjoyable.  

I think it is healthier for me to be outdoors breathing cool, clean air, rather than to indoors all the time breathing hot recycled air.

We have placed four of our six puppies.  They are going to good homes.  Very glad about this.  Only two left.

Our home looks like a completely different house with the new carpet put down.

Earlier today I watched Josey Wales from 1976.  Then I watched Pale Rider from 1985.  Vintage Clint Eastwood.  Made my day.

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