Saturday, February 11, 2012

Garden Plot

This is the garden plot I started working on today.  My plan is to plant (family heirloom) field peas - the same ones I planted last year in my back yard and had such success with.  I might try potatoes too.  Not sure.  Maybe some peppers.  Since this is my first real attempt at establishing a large vegetable garden, I will keep it pretty simple.   My other endeavor is to plant blueberry bushes on the same property.  Right now I have twenty bushes, (waiting to be put in the ground), but would like to have about fifty.  I will be planting them very soon.  Renae and I get a lot of enjoyment from blueberries. 


Samantha Webster said...

sounds good you should for sure plant potatoes they grow pretty easy and also you could get you some broccoli...jay and I's plants produced very well last year...we planted some more this year along with peas and potatoes! We hope to add yellow squash, okra, tomatoes, sugar baby seedless watermelons green beans, corn and zuchinnni before its all said a done! Happening planting!

Ron said...

Thank's for the comment. It sounds like you and Jay are much more accomplished at gardening than I am. Maybe I'll call on the two of you for some advice.



Ron, we agree with Samantha yall should plant all those great veggies! TKS the Scheppers!