Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Mind Dump - February 19, 2012

Very good day at PCC.

The Word was faithfully preached, worship was sincerely offered, and fellowship was authentically practiced.  It was a God-honoring day.

Attendance was very strong.

The series on Esther has been a big hit with almost everyone.  Several people have even told me the suspense is so great that they have been reading ahead.  It’s always a good thing when people are reading their Bible.

Last Sunday’s message was “What Goes Around Comes Around” (from chapter 6) and today’s message was “The Sovereign in the Shadows” (from chapter 7).

We have learned a lot of very important lessons (and content) from the book of Esther.

There are always nice comments on Facebook about our services.  These are always a source of encouragement to me.  While I enjoy the compliments, I experience greater joy seeing so many people in the PCC family deeply interested in the Word.

Those who find themselves utterly captivated by God’s Word can hardly be entertained by anything else.

Next Sunday we’ll be offering our Newcomers Class.  In fact, about ten additional people signed up today.  The Lord has brought us a lot of people in the last few months, even in the last few weeks, so the timing is perfect.

The Kid’s Zone was packed to capacity today.  I could not believe it!  Thank God we have these rooms because there is no possible way we could get everybody in the sanctuary.

A special shout out to the youth worship team that led worship at PCC today.  They did an exceptional job.  Plus, it gave our regular worship team a well-deserved break.  As I mentioned, every single one of them were the children of families in our church.  It’s a good thing to see young people growing up and dedicated to God.  It’s also a good thing that they belong to a church where their spiritual gifts and ministry gifts can be deployed to edify the Body.

Another shout out to James Wheelus and his brother who mowed the water retention pond in front of the church (that crater that is otherwise known as the Grand Canyon of Santa Rosa County, thanks to our county engineers).  This was no small job.  A lot of us noticed that it had been done, but no one knew who actually did it.  I kept asking around until I discovered who it was.  Thank God for the people who love their church enough to take pride in its appearance.

Another shout out to Paul & Roxanne Weekley who pick up trash almost every Saturday evening along the entire stretch of North Spencer Field Road so that the drive to Sunday services won’t look dumpy.  They even did it yesterday…. in the drizzling rain. 

Of course, there are hundreds of others who do just as much as those mentioned above…. And for each and every one, I am thankful.  Even if I (or we) fail to notice, always remember that God never misses any good deed you perform (Hebrews 6:10).

A lot of people have been asking me about my recent lack of blogging.  Well, here goes.  I have been on a fast from the Internet, as well as other activities, because I’ve  been attempting to create some healthy margin in my life.  I’m trying to make adjustments in my schedule, ministry commitments, and making more room for personal time.  Here’s why – over the last few years I have become very fatigued.  In fact, I have been leading on empty for a long time.  My reserves are depleted.  The constant on-the-job pressure and being on call 24-7 has taken a toll on my energy, my mental state, and to some degree my personal life.  Enough is enough, so I decided to pull the trigger and start doing something about it. 

This journey is not over by a long shot – there’s a lot more I still have to accomplish.  However, over the last few weeks I have finally gotten my head above water far enough to breathe again (I no longer feel like I’m drowning) and now feel the freedom to resume writing again.  In the days to come I’ll let you know what I have learned about myself, what I have accomplished, and the changes I am making.

For now, I leave you with two pictures from today’s services at PCC (below).


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Louie said...


Glad to have you back with your head above water. Most of us know how you feel and appreciate that you took time for yourself to re-energize.